Moab fun run week

Kevin Heckman spent a week in Moab and invited the club to join.   People joined off and on all week for a wonderful week.   He couldn’t have asked for better weather or company. The Saturday fun run had 4 rigs join on Poison Spider.   The first night there was a wonderful evening up Chicken Corners and spending sunset on Hurrah Pass. Running up into the La Sal Mountain there were a few fall colors left. Dead Horse Point State Park was a good short morning run with Kent Mallalieu. Patricia Kelly had never been to Moab before so they started out on some easy trails such as the 27 water crossings in 8 miles on Onion Creek.  Views from Polar Mesa were impressive. More from Polar Mesa. Old uranium mines were scattered everywhere on Polar Mesa. Dinosaur prints in the La Sal Mountains. Patricia had to try her hand at a harder trail so they hit Fins N Things.Dave Longenette made it up Kenny’s Climb on Fins N Things.