Monthly Safety Article December 2021

Roll Cage Construction

Roll Cage Construction – Safety topic for CJG regular club meeting, 12/7/2021
Important Considerations for installing your Roll cage
1. Best type of cage for your application and your use of the vehicle; there are a lot of options out
there…Bolt in vs. weld in, 4 point versus 6, 8, +point, etc.
2. Tools needed: The tools you’ll need range from a few hand tools for a bold in, manufactured
cage to a full fabrication shop if you’re building a custom welded cage.
3. Materials used: there are lots of acceptable materials, and many unacceptable ones. Your
budget, availability, and welding skill/equipment are all factors in choosing material. The
amount you’ll need depends on the design of your cage, but you can count on needing 4-6 20′
tubes for the average, basic Jeep cage.
4. Design: There are a lot of things to think about here, but some of the basics are minimizing
bends, forming triangles in the bars as opposed to squares, adding gussets where needed,
padding, etc.
5. Cost: Cost will vary widely depending on design, materials used, and how much of the work you
can do yourself, but expect to spend several hundred to several thousand dollars on this part of
your Jeep alone.
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