Elwood Pass run

Our fall color run and work day couldn’t have picked a better weekend to head up Elwood Pass.  We had 8 rigs join in for the day.  Even though it was a work day there wasn’t more than a half hour of work with repainting our signs black again and adding the reflective backing to make it easier to read. We had a few people spend the weekend up there camping and a 3 rigs made a Sunday run up Quartz Meadow to view the best colors of the whole weekend.  Group shot after the backing was installed on the lower sign.CJG is always ready for repairs, even if not on a Jeep.  This bike lost it’s chain and needed the rear tire moved back to tighten the chain after we put it back on.  He had no tools with him but lucky for him we have about every tool known to man on the trail.Lunch near the top of Elwood. Fitting and drilling the holes in the new backing.Greg Alsum putting a fresh coat of paint on the sign.  Great fall colors in the tundra above Elwood Pass.Stunner always has great fall colors. Kevin Heckman and Black Widow posing in the aspens on the way to Quartz Meadow. Aspens glowing in the sunlight at Quartz Meadow.Quartz Meadow was spectacular.