Spring into Safety

The CJG held its annual Spring Into Safety event with Beth Fox organizing the event and some members pre-ran their trails in Moab that they are officiants on during Easter Jeep Safari (EJS).

The Spring Into Safety event had approximately 32 attendees.  The Event mainly consists of getting our four-wheel drive rigs out from a long winter to ensure things haven’t seized up – lol – and to ensure everything is still working properly for those heading to EJS the first week of April.  During the event we usually have a few safety topics, have a picnic lunch, and afternoon of four-wheeling.  We are able to learn from our membership expertise of knowledge from GMRS radios, In Reach Devices, Safety First Aid Kits, and winching.  While we learned many things about the GMRS radios and the in reach devices we also learned what is a good suggestion of first aid items to have in our rigs in case we ever need them or to assist others.  This year we did some “hands on” winching and was able to get jeeps stuck and learn the proper way to winch out of such situations properly.  Others were able to also try their hand at operating their winches that were brand new to them and had never operated them before.  What a better way to learn is to just do it and to do it without being in a predicament. Some were also able to stretch their new synthetic rope winches for the first time.  After some learning, lunch, hands on demos, the afternoon ended with a fun few hours of mild four-wheeling – locked in four-low. 

While Kevin Heckman and Hollie Rebaza pre-ran Cameo Cliffs and James and Julia Buck pre-ran 7-mile Rim in Moab along with the snow and mud I think all are ready for EJS and we are already for Spring