Four Corners 4×4 Week

The week after Labor Day is the Four Corners 4×4 Week sponsored by the Cliffhangers out of Farmington.  Our club made their presence known by entering 5 rigs in the 4×4 Auto Show on Friday night. Of course Billy Schultheiss had to show off his trailer on the RTI Flex ramp.  After the 4×4 Show a few members ran into Chokecherry Canyon and did the Garage Trail.  We even had a few members judge the WeRock Grand Nationals in Brown Springs.

 Loren Healy had his Ultra 4 #67 rig on display. Main street had about 4 blocks worth of rigs.  Billy Schultheiss, Chad Beal, and Kevin Heckman had their rigs together at the show. Kevin Fox had his parked across the street from the other CJG members.  Billy had to show off the flex of his camp trailer.  He had quite the crowd gathered to watch it.Billy then turned around and went up the RTI ramp the correct way.