Adaptive Sports run

The morning started much like previous runs, we met at the Adaptive Sports office and our leader and President Billy Schultheiss started counting all the available seats to make sure we had enough for all. We had 13 CJG members and their rigs offering up approx. 29 seats, with 26 participants we obviously had enough seats. We loaded up and started the journey through town towards Highway 160 and made our way to Hesperus. Once in Hesperus our group aired down and locked hubs and discussed the plans for the day’s trip.

With Billy in the lead we started up La Plata Canyon and went to the now closed Columbus Mine. It was quite a treat for the participants and me. Once we arrived at the mine all 13 rigs got positioned for the return trip and to have lunch from Domino’s pizza which was being special delivered by Wayne & Lisa Vandenberg. Thank you to Wayne & Lisa.

There was a surprise for the Adaptive Sports program waiting inside Billy’s Jeep. Once we had everyone gathered up around the tables of Domino’s pizza’s, Billy presented a large check of $1500.00 that was made by Laurie Beal along with the real. Thank you Laurie.

Needless to say the event coordinator Barrie was quite surprised. The participants got involved with excitement and were very happy to have their pictures taken. The money was from our previous ramp index fund raiser earlier this year.

            After lunch most folks made a tour over to the Columbus closed mine shaft to check out the now closed off shaft that goes straight down. After seeing the mine and the remaining equipment, the group started heading back to the club member’s rigs and loaded up for the trip back to town.

            We had a great day, the weather was beautiful and CJG member’s put many smiles of these folk’s faces. I know I sure had a big smile watching the participants having a good time. I really enjoy hearing Brian talk on the CB radio letting us know what is going on during the trip.

            A very hardy Thank You goes out to all the CJG members who donated their time and their rigs to something very worthwhile.

Another hardy Thank You goes out to Barrie for putting the group of participants together and for allowing us to help all have some fun on such a beautiful day.

            Kevin Fox