Denver & Rio Grande Western San Juan Branch ghost town tour

After a rainy week we decided to tackle a potentially muddy road that followed the Denver & Rio Grande Western San Juan Branch rail road bed.  We had 8 rigs along for the day. We made several stops and listened to some of the history of the area.  The train stopped in 1968 and all these towns died at that time.  Old Hispanic Catholic Church in Tiffany, CO. We ordered up some elk to run around by Navajo Lake. Pagosa Junction, CO still has several standing structures. Pagosa Junction, CO Old Catholic Church at Pagosa Junction, CO. House at Pagosa Junction, CO. Water pump house for the Denver & Rio Grande water tank. Old box car of the D&RG. D&RG water tank has collapsed.D&RG train bridge across the San Juan River.Old Catholic Mission is in ruins at Juanita, CO.  There is still a sizable cemetery and other buildings there.D&RG water tank and bridge at the stop at Navajo, NM.