Highway Cleanup June 13th, 2020

Our first highway cleanup of the summer went off very well.  We had 13 rigs and about 25 people help so it didn’t take long.  The forecast called for rain all day but we had great weather the whole day.  After we were done with highway cleanup we went into Silverton to the Coffee Bear where Inga bought us all free drinks.  After that we went up Maggie Gulch to the Intersection Mine and Stamp Mill.  From there we went into Silverton and split up and ate at several restaurants.   Staying safe while picking up trash. Getting all our CJG supplies back together. More trash to be weighed. Billy Schultheiss makes the official weigh in, 34 pounds of trash. Thank you Coffee Bear for the drinks.  Headed up Maggie Gulch. Intersection Mine and Stamp Mill. Everyone checking out the Intersection Stamp Mill. Avalanche debris everywhere from the winter of 2018-2019.  On the right side the snow bridge is over 40 feet deep.Maggie Gulch waterfall.On the way home a bear had to check out our highway clean up job.