Chokecherry November 2017 Saturday Fun Run

The trip down to Chokecherry was a cool one but warmed up nicely by noon.  Made for a great day of wheeling.  We had 5 Jeeps hit 3 trails.  Lower Rim Trail, Upper Rim Trail, and Brown’s Springs.  Everyone made it out without any breakdowns.  Only damage was some road rash on Kevin Heckman’s fender flares.   Chad attempting a climb on Lower Rim Trail.  This spot defeated him this day but he’ll be back. Billy making the obstacle on Lower Rim Trail look easy. Brian and Tina going up the ledge on Lower Rim Trail. Ashley coming down some ledges on Lower Rim Trail. Kevin heading up a ledge that always gives him a fit.  He made it but took a few branches off the tree with his roof. Chad posing on Upper Rim Trail. Kevin doing a line in Brown’s Springs that he said he would never try.  But after Chad made it he coaxed Kevin into trying it.  He was off about a half an inch and slipped into a hole and got into his fender flares.  Kevin got back on the right line and made it up the extreme climb that is part of the W.E.ROCK course.