Top of the World and Moab

We had our October 3rd Saturday fun run over in Moab, UT.  We decided to hit Top of the World, Dolores River Overlook, and Kokopelli trails on Saturday and then hit Box Car Loop, Kamakaze trail, and the Mi Vida Mine on Sunday.  The skies were a perfect blue, awesome temps, and no wind, which is unusual for the Top of the World.  We ended up with 3 rigs joining us both days.  We wanted a bit more of a challenge so we ran the loop at the top of Top of the World clockwise which is backwards from most runs.  It let us climb the ledges we normally come down.  Sunday we wanted to hit an area we normally don’t hit so we went and ran Box Car Loop and Kamakaze trails. We ended the day at the Mi Vida mine which was the first uranium mine that put Moab on the map.  Over all was an amazing weekend. Dewey Bridge Remains of the old Dewey one room school and Dewey Bridge.Kevin Heckman and Hollie posing at the Top of the World. Kent Mallalieu parked at the Top of the World. Looking down 3000 feet from the Top of the World. Mike Boland parked at the Top of the World. The overlook at the Dolores Overlook trail. Box Car LoopLockhart Basin from the end of Kamakaze Trail.