Black Bear Work Day 2015

Wasn’t much work to be done this year so we enjoyed the views.  The main thing we saw to be repaired was where some vehicles went of the road through a marsh which we put in some rocks and more signs.  On the way home most of us took Imogene Pass and a few took the shorter Ophir Pass home.


New ruts in the marsh that we had to block off.

Black Bear Pass 2015

The old road which we are restoring and looking very good after 9 years of work.

Morgan coming up the rocky ravine. bb15-4

Jerry and Kevin posing at the top of Black Bear.bb15-5

Walking down the “Steps”bb15-6

Lines up at the old mill at Ingram Falls.bb15-7

Bridal Veil Falls and world famous powerhouse.bb15-8

Mill at Ingram Falls.bb15-9

We went back over Imogene Pass and had to stop at the overlook and look down on HWY 550 and Yankee Girl Mine.