Spring Safari Pre-Run ’15

Spring Safari Pre-Run ’15

The Creepers headed out early March to pre-run Steel Bender and Cliffhanger with Poison Spider and a bit of Spike tossed in on Friday.

We headed up the Poison Spider trail Friday morning and took a left at the fork to do Launchpad, Skyline Drive and ‘Zuke hill before continuing on and completing Poison Spider.  Not too many pictures of this trail as everyone was busy driving.

Chad coming up the waterfall.

Amy on the Wedge.

Saturday we started out on Steel Bender planning to run the long way.

The lineup.

Dixie Green on the “Tail”.

Chad going down the Tail.

Kevin trying out the long arms on his LJ

Jerry’s Short Bus on the trail.

Most eveyone took the hard lines.

Sunday saw some of the gang doing Cliffhanger.

Kevin in his new LJ on the cliff obstacle.

Short Bus on the cliff.

James came up from Farmington to join us.


Cliffhanger has some of the best views.