Snowbash 2017

It was a little chilly day for the snow bash but everybody had fun.  Thanks again to the Hood’s for hosting this again.  In the morning the snow was perfect but with the sun and heating of the day it got really soft later.  I think everyone got stuck at one point or another. The snow was about 6 inches deep in the sunny areas and well over 2 feet deep in the shady areas.   Lunch came and the grill was going for everyone and the Hill’s brought some wonderful chocolate cake.   The only break down was Glen Hood may have lost his fuel pump.  That became quite the ordeal getting him pulled back up to dry ground with the snow conditions becoming sloppy quickly.  I believe the total was 8 Jeeps and one Toyota pickup. snowbash-2017-7Had to get a group photo in.  snowbash-2017-2 Dave Shannon got Critter in some deep snow.snowbash-2017-3Glen Hood winching Dave Shannon out.snowbash-2017-4Dave Shannon is almost out.snowbash-2017-5This time Dave Shannon is pulling out Glen Hood.snowbash-2017-6One last group photo
snowbash-2017-1Kevin Heckman getting stuck on his first run.  Dan White had to get him pulled out.