Spring Jeep Maintenance

Spring Jeep Maintenance
     Now that Winter is finishing up and we are getting ready for our Spring runs we need to make sure our vehicles are in top shape.  Even with good maintenance Jeeps will breakdown but this will help prevent that as they never break down in a convenient place.  Here is a quick list of things that should be inspected.
-Tires  Check for cracks and unusual wearing, make sure lug nuts are tightened
-Bolts  Check to make sure bolts are tight on the suspension, steering, and drive shafts
-U-Joints  Check to make sure there is no play in the u-joints
-Belts   Check for cracked and worn belts
-Grease all the Zirk fittings
-Battery  Check the age and clean the posts
-Lights  Check if all lights are working properly
-Fluids  Check to make sure all fluids are to their proper levels
-Walk around and just see if the vehicle is in good condition
These are just a few things that can help prevent a breakdown on the trail.