Safety on the trail with Fido

Safety on the trail with Fido

What an awesome summer the creepers have enjoyed this year! With all of the great trips that have went on, 2005 should be a memorable one! A few concerns have been forwarded my way about dogs on our trail rides this year, and so I thought I would share some helpful reminders/tips when your best friend comes on the trail:

#1. (The obvious) Please make sure you have plenty of DOG food and water for Rufus.

#2. Make sure Rufus has a secure, safe place in your rig. This also means that if your dog is protective of your rig, make sure they cannot hurt anyone walking by etc. Children (as well as adults) tend to try to pet your pet unknowing of it’s behavior. Think of it this way, any injury caused to anybody is your liability (which means big $$$) due to the person has a right to be there (on the trail). The trail belongs to everybody. A person should not have to go out of their way/go around/or avoid the area around
your rig because you brought your “protective” dog. Also, do you think your wheel’in buddies are going to steal your rig? Ummm, maybe a few parts here and there….. He he he.

#3. When you let your dog out of the vehicle, keep them under control! Remember not everybody may like your (or any) dogs. One of the major complaints I have received is when someone is trying to eat or having a trail snack. They really do not think your dog is cute sticking their nose in their sandwich.

#4. When your dog has to go to the bathroom (and I mean #2), go take care of it! Humans are expected to bury their crap, so go bury your dogs. I will admit, I have experienced this first hand stepping in the stuff, and it irks me to no end riding around the rest of the day smelling your dogs breakfast!

#5. Dog fights! Dog fights suck and are very dangerous, again, keep your dog safe, preferably on a leash. A person just standing near a fight that starts can be seriously injured, which means serious liability ($$$) for you.

#6. Remember to keep an open mind and use simple common sense when wheel’in with Rufus. Don’t take it personally if some one asks you to keep control of them. You are wheel’in with friends, and your friends should not have to feel uncomfortable around you, right?

Happy wheel’in, and please feel free to ask or point out any concerns you may have about safety on the trail. You will remain anonymous and the subject will remain general as not to point fingers or accuse anyone.
Happy Trails!!