Roll Over Safety

Monthly Safety Article May 2017…

Roll Over Safety

Do not put arms or legs out of the vehicle, more so if you think you’re about to roll.

Arms and legs must remain inside. Many trails run through narrow passageways. Any arms or legs hanging outside can get torn off by the trees, cliff walls, or rocks just outside your vehicle. If the vehicle begins to tip your instinct is to put your hand out. There is no way you will be able to stop a vehicle this way. Roll your windows up if you can’t control the urge.

Also, make sure no one holds onto the roll bar. Their fingers will get smashed in the event of a roll over. Hands can also be injured if you drive under low-hanging branches.  Every year several people crush or lose fingers by pinching them between the roll cage and the rocks.  There is an obstacle on Metal Masher called Misty’s Thumb, don’t let an obstacle be named after you.

Also tie down your gear inside. It’s bad enough that you rolled over and maybe it happened many times, but not having a yard sale all over the trails with your belongings will mean a lot. Plus, your buddies won’t have to spend time helping you pick up and can focus on helping you with your rig.