JL Safety features

Monthly Safety Article February 2018…

New Wrangler JL Safety Features

As most people know, the Jeep Wranglers has received poor grades for side-impact crashes.
Jeep fix:  advanced front and side airbag system and  high-strength steel beams that improve side-impact performance and vehicle stiffness.
Some of us might not be as flexible as we used to be, so turning your head to change lanes like an owl is not in the cards. Jeep has decided to give you a helping hand.
Jeep fix: Jeep has instituted  Both Blind Spot Monitoring and  Rear Cross Path Detection. The rear cross detection (RCPD)  rely on radar-based sensors to detect other vehicles. BSM will alert you if another vehicle is traveling in your blind spot, while RCPD will warn you of vehicles crossing your path when you’re backing up.
Jeep has also has a Hill Start Assist, Great for off-roading and steep urban streets, Hill Start Assist helps prevent your 2018 Jeep® Wrangler from rolling backward when starting on an uphill slope.  
The new sport bar has been beefed up with ultra-high strength steel formed into a tough, rugged unitized component, painted body-color to blend with the rest of the body. 
Parking a Jeep is pretty easy if its stock. It fits most anywhere and extremely well on top of snow banks that take up spots in the winter. However modifications can make this tricky at times or maybe someone not used to driving your Jeep needs help. (I dont know why you would let someone else drive)
Jeep Fix: Back up rear camera and a rear park assist system (RPAS). RPAS  uses sonar sensors located in the rear bumper to detect obstacles behind you.
Jeep added Automatic Crash Notification  to alert and  will transmit important vehicle information to an SOS (I like to call it a SOJ, Save our Jeep) operator if it detects a collision or if the airbags are deployed.
Hate fumbling with your keys to get into your Jeep? Well Jeep added a never take your key out of your pocket. The passive entry system will automatically unlock the door(s) and swing gate when you pull the door handle on the Jeep® Wrangler. 
One big thing they added was  Trailer Sway Control System. The  system applies brake pressure on alternating wheels and adjusts engine throttle to help eliminate the sway and maintain the vehicle and trailer system stability.
Now I have not been in a new Wrangler yet so I can’t tell you how all of these systems really react or respond when daily driving or off road. 
Needless to say Jeep has made a Wrangler that you can feel safe handing the keys to LICENSED son or daughter….. but just cause you can doesn’t mean you should. For any of you that dont have a jeep now, you’ll just be one year older when you get one.