Events Code of Conduct

Events Code of Conduct

The activity
Organized events can be varied in their description. These events range from boggy landscapes with deep ruts and ponds to hill climbs in snowy type conditions as well as organized exhibitions such as 4 x 4 shows.  To aid club members with whatever type of event is organized, we have developed guidelines, the “Events Code of Conduct”. The theme should remain the same for events as for trail runs and a lot of these guidelines will indeed apply to both types of events. This information should be exhibited at club events and on the club web site, and discussed at the start of any event. Due to the varying conditions and locations of the events, more specific rules may be required and these should be brought to the attention of participants at the earliest opportunity or at the beginning of the event. As with all of the club’s events, you must ensure your vehicle is adequately insured.

Events Code of Conduct
Members of the Creeper Jeepers Gang are requested to ensure that they abide by the following code:

a)  Always check in as soon as you arrive at the event, do not traverse any part of the course until this has been done. When you check in with the person organizing the event, ensure that you complete the check in form / disclaimer (if any) and pay any relevant fee(s). Just as important as checking in, please ensure that you check out with the trail leader when you leave, this will help ensure no “stragglers” are left on site, possibly in distress.

b)  You must ensure your vehicle is fit for off road use. For those who have any doubt about whether their vehicle is “suitably equipped” there is a lot of safety information available from the club’s web site, the club’s Safety Officer and of course from experienced club members. If you’re still not sure, just ASK!

c)  We must insist that all passengers are seated properly with proper seat restraints. Children in particular are at risk due to inadequately fitted seat restraints.

d)  The owner / driver of the vehicle is entirely responsible for the safety of his /her passengers.

e)  ALWAYS adhere to instructions from Trail Leader and any signs which have been erected in the interests of safety.

f)   When recovering any “stuck” vehicle, only those immediately concerned with the recovery should be any where near the operation. The number of people involved should be kept to an absolute minimum. If a Trail Leader is present, or can be called to the scene quickly, he / she should supervise the recovery. Spectators in all cases should be at least twice the length of the recovery rope away from the scene. Any vehicle recovery requiring the use of trees or fence posts and the like, must be carried out with the minimum damage by the use of tree strops etc. Any damage caused should be reported to the Trail Leader as soon as possible. As mentioned previously, there is plenty of safety information available from the club via the Safety Officer, web site and experienced members.

g)  It is the duty of all club members to ensure that their acts or omissions, and those of their passengers / guests / animals, do not put at risk the safety of others taking part in the event, what ever capacity they may be there in.  You must keep children under control and dogs on leads at all times.

h)  If rubbish bins are available on-site please use them,   alternatively take your litter home. Carry a plastic bag for trash found on the trail.

i)   Always bear in mind the risk of FIRE, particularly from discarded cigarette butts, matches, bar-b-que’s and the like.

j)   In the event of a roll over, the first persons on the scene should have their fire extinguishers in hand and assist all passengers from the vehicle. Leaking gas can ignite on a number of items under the hood of an overturned vehicle. In the event of a major injury, do not remove the person(s) and call for emergency personnel. Keep in mind that a fire could make a bad situation worse and take necessary precautions.

Four things to keep in mind

Safety: ALWAYS – safety first!
Speed: Drive as slowly as possible and only as fast as necessary.
Winches: Use only when unavoidable. (Refer to club safety advice).
Weather: Weather may have an effect on the proceedings. If an event has to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, the organiser will endeavor to give as much notice as possible.