Project Merry Christmas, Humane Society, and Annie’s Orphans

For once we had wonderful weather for our run for the donations.  We started out at Applebee’s for lunch and headed over to LPEA for Project Merry Christmas.  Billy Schultheiss did a great job with the radio interview.  From there we headed to the Humane Society where we filled the bench with supplies.  From there we headed to Annie’s Orphans with more food and supplies.  Here is a list of donations.

Christmas Donations: Split between them was $260 and 20 + People participated
Project Merry Christmas- 28 toys, 2 bikes, 17 clothing articles and coats, 2 blankets, 2 pillows
Humane Society- 8 bags of dog food, 4 bags of cat food, 2 cat litter, 3 pk paper towels, 3 gal. bleach, 3 toys.
Annie’s Orphans-7Bags of Dog food, 3 pk paper towels, 1 gal bleach, 1 laundry detergent


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