Mount Blanca Workday

This year the US Forest Service wanted us to bring down the old hunting cabin that was up at Lake Como.  It was in dire shape and a health hazard.  The USFS tore down the cabin and we had to bring town the trash which ended up weighing about 1100 pounds.  The logs were left up there for camper to use as firewood.  We had a very large group of 12 Jeeps. Plus a very special guest, Matt Peterson from FunTreks. They wanted to remap the route for the next edition of their trail guide.  Over all was a great weekend with no breakdowns or major issues even though this is one of the hardest trails in Colorado.  CJG parked at Wolf Creek Pass looks like a Lance Camper commercial.  Driver’s meeting first thing Saturday morning.Headed towards Blanca.The lower road was a little dusty.Chad Beal headed up a steep section.Billy Schultheiss and his trailer making it up Jaws 1Scott Click spotting Matt Peterson with FunTreks making it up Jaws 212 Jeeps made the road pretty busy.It’s a long ways to the bottom.Not much left of the cabin.Chad making his way to the top. Parked at the very top. Blue Lakes at the top.Blue Lakes.Scott Click had a little time for some fishing.Lunch at top.Billy heading down Jaws 1. Hauling the trash out.        Everyone made it to the bottom.         The left over trash from the cabin was left at the bottom for the USFS to haul away.  It was 1100 pounds.