Moab October 2017

Late October is always a great time for a Moab trip.  This year was no different.  There were a large number of people who came out and enough were we split into 2 groups on Sunday.  There even happened to be 5 birthdays out on the trail and cake after.  Friday we had 5 rigs join on Rusty Nail, Saturday we had 10 rigs on Behind the Rocks, and Sunday we split into 2 groups; 7 rigs on Hell’s Revenge and 5 on Chicken Corners.  There were a few close calls but no body damage or breakdowns on the trail.  Chad giving Riff Raff a try on Rusty Nail. Kevin heading up The Wall on Rusty Nail. Billy has his tires sticking to the wall and his seat cushion sucked into his hind end on No Left Turn on Rusty Nail.Group picture on Rusty Nail.Billy just showing off on the Golden Crack on Golden Spike. Ten rigs lined up for the driver’s meeting on Behind the Rocks. Ashley heading up a steep climb on Behind the Rocks. Ashley heading down The Roller Coaster on Behind the Rocks. Mark & Debra heading down the Roller Coaster on Behind the Rocks. Kent heading down The Roller Coaster on Behind the Rocks. A line of Creepers winding around on Hell’s Revenge. A line of Creepers on some fins on Hell’s Revenge. Trevor found himself a hole that wasn’t there a few months ago. Scott & Kim climbing out of the Car Wash on Hell’s Revenge.Line up on the entrance to Hell’s Revenge.