Moab EJS Pre-run

Several of us wanted to hit some trails we are officiating for EJS to pre-run them so we wouldn’t have any surprises in a few weeks.

Friday Kevin Heckman, Billy Schultheiss, Dave Shannon, and Mark & Debra Pearson headed out NW of Moab to run some random trails.  We started out going to Tusher Tunnel and onto Bartlett Wash.  We decided we wanted a bit more of a challenge so we hit 7 rated Pickle trail.  It was a challenging trail as Kevin and Dave made it up the first obstacle and Billy and Mark had to be strapped up it.

Saturday we added Scott & Kim Click, Dan &  Debbie White plus their son, and Ashley & Kenny Mosby.  We hit 6 rated Steelbender for a fun day.  The “Fall” had changed dramatically since last year.  All the stacked rocks below were gone and the one ridge of rock that was the line is now gone and undercut.  We all decided to hit the bypass which is not much better.  We had 3 rigs get very light and catch air on their rear tires heading down that.

Sunday we hit 7 rated Cliffhanger which is probably the hardest 7 rated trail in the area.  But we had 6 go in and 6 come out so a successful day.  We went the whole weekend with no breakdowns only a few tow straps came out.
8Mark & Debra coming up a ledge in the Pickle.
7Dave heading up the last obstacle in the Pickle.
9Dan & Debbie headed up the first obstacle on Steelbender.
6 Mark and Debra heading down the “Fall” bypass which is about as bad as the “Fall.”
1Kevin heading down the stairsteps in to Kane Creek on Cliffhanger.4Mark & Debra heading down the stairsteps into Kane Creek on Cliffhanger.2Ashley heading up a ledge on Cliffhanger.10Ashley heading up another ledge on Cliffhanger.3Kevin heading back up the namesake obstacle on Cliffhanger.5Dan and Debbie getting some air on Cliffhanger.