Cruise night and Ruins run

We had a weekend full of activities for our 3rd weekend in May run.  We started out with 7 Jeeps Saturday evening for a Cruise Night as we haven’t done that in a while.  We decorated our Jeeps up with American flags because it was Armed Forces Day and locally Durango honored local fallen peace officers and firefighters.  We started at Albertsons and cruised a couple Mains before heading to North Serious Texas BBQ for dinner.  Then we cruised for a bit and then went to Sonic for 2000 calories of ice cream each.  By then it was pushing sunset and getting chilly so only a couple hardy members went to South Serious Texas BBQ for some miniature golf.Sunday we trekked to just outside of Navajo Dam to look at the Frances Canyon Ruins.  This is a complex of 40+ rooms from a Navajo Pueblito that was finished in 1716.  The unique part of this is the Spanish Style fireplace in one of the rooms.  Only a couple Navajo Pueblitos in the area have these.  It was a wonderful day for the 10 Jeeps that made the drive.   Here Richard Reynolds takes a close look at the Spanish Style Hooded Fireplace. Kevin Fox and Kevin Heckman are obviously discussing the complex architecture at Frances Canyon. He we can see what is left of the 3 story lookout tower. Here is a good view of the Pueblito. A few of the 40+ rooms that once stood here.We circled up the wagons for lunch.