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Seldom seen ruins along the Colorado/Utah border

Doug Ramsey lead a group of 6 Jeeps and 2 pickups to some seldom seen ruins in the Hovenweep National Monument area. We started at Cannonball Mesa Ruins, then onto some petroglyphs and lunch, over to Cajon Mesa Ruins, and finished at Holly & Hackberry Ruins. It was a great day had by all.

Cannonball Mesa Ruins, over 20 kivas
Cajon Mesa Ruins.
Cajon Mesa Ruins
Cajon Mesa Ruins
Cajon Mesa Ruins
Holly House Ruins
Holly House Ruins

Rock Garden Fun Run

There were 10 rigs out for some social distancing fun in the Rock Garden.  For late November we couldn’t have asked for a better day or turn out.  Our fearless leader was Kevin & Beth Fox.   Billy Schulthiess had to show off getting a little air.  Chad Beal getting himself in and out of a pinch in Butt Scratch Flora Davidson going down a ledge. Kevin Heckman in an S curve Kevin Heckman coming up a ledge. Lisa Taylor showing off a 3 wheel stance.Jeff Titus joining in on the 3 wheel action.

Frank & Sandy Taylor’s 50th Anniversary

Frank and Sandy Taylor’s daughter Lisa set up a surprise 50th anniversary party for them on the top of Black Bear Pass.  They had planned a get away but COVID-19 put an end to that so that opened up the opportunity for this.  They had no clue until the signs were up.  We had 28 vehicles and almost 60 people. Jimmy john’s were enjoyed by all.  We took over the pass.  Cheers on 50 years!  They were so surprised.

Sound-Democrat Stamp Mill tour

Our June fun run landed us at the Sound-Democrat Stamp Mill.  We had 11 Jeeps for the day and was a near perfect day to be in the mountains.  Como Lake has ice on it.The group heading up California Pass.Placer Gulch and the Sound-Democrat Mill.Sound-Democrat Mill. The stamps are still there. Top of the Sound-Democrat Mill Kent checking out the remains of a building. Treasure Mountain Mine Treasure Mountain Mine    Grouse Slide from 2018-2019

Highway Cleanup June 13th, 2020

Our first highway cleanup of the summer went off very well.  We had 13 rigs and about 25 people help so it didn’t take long.  The forecast called for rain all day but we had great weather the whole day.  After we were done with highway cleanup we went into Silverton to the Coffee Bear where Inga bought us all free drinks.  After that we went up Maggie Gulch to the Intersection Mine and Stamp Mill.  From there we went into Silverton and split up and ate at several restaurants.   Staying safe while picking up trash. Getting all our CJG supplies back together. More trash to be weighed. Billy Schultheiss makes the official weigh in, 34 pounds of trash. Thank you Coffee Bear for the drinks.  Headed up Maggie Gulch. Intersection Mine and Stamp Mill. Everyone checking out the Intersection Stamp Mill. Avalanche debris everywhere from the winter of 2018-2019.  On the right side the snow bridge is over 40 feet deep.Maggie Gulch waterfall.On the way home a bear had to check out our highway clean up job.

Denver & Rio Grande Western San Juan Branch ghost town tour

After a rainy week we decided to tackle a potentially muddy road that followed the Denver & Rio Grande Western San Juan Branch rail road bed.  We had 8 rigs along for the day. We made several stops and listened to some of the history of the area.  The train stopped in 1968 and all these towns died at that time.  Old Hispanic Catholic Church in Tiffany, CO. We ordered up some elk to run around by Navajo Lake. Pagosa Junction, CO still has several standing structures. Pagosa Junction, CO Old Catholic Church at Pagosa Junction, CO. House at Pagosa Junction, CO. Water pump house for the Denver & Rio Grande water tank. Old box car of the D&RG. D&RG water tank has collapsed.D&RG train bridge across the San Juan River.Old Catholic Mission is in ruins at Juanita, CO.  There is still a sizable cemetery and other buildings there.D&RG water tank and bridge at the stop at Navajo, NM.

Project Merry Christmas, Humane Society, and Annie’s Orphans

The Holiday Season each year brings us to our annual drive for Project Merry Christmas, Humane Society, and Annie’s Orphans.  These are 3 organizations in LaPlata County that need everyone’s help.  We started the morning at Doughworks for breakfast then headed to the Durango High School for a group photo.  From there we went to LPEA for the radio spot for Project Merry Christmas.  We figured it was about our 17-20th time attending.  From there we went to the Humane Society to drop off pet supplies then to Annie’s Orphans for the last of the pet supplies.  We also had cash and checks for all of the organizations. Group photo at the Durango high school. CJG in full force for the radio spot for Project Merry Christmas. Billy Schultheiss was our face for the radio spot.  He always does a good job for us. Everyone checking out the goodies they were giving away.  With the light rain and snow the hot chocolate was a hit. Unloading pet supplies at the Humane Society. Group photo with our donated goods.All the donated pet supplies.

CJG Christmas Party

Our 2019 Christmas party was one of the largest every.  Once again we held it at the Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio.  We had almost 60 members attend.  The Christmas Party Committee did an excellent job as always.  Our host was Billy Schultheiss and he kept the crowd entertained.  From the great food, games, and entertainment everyone had a blast.    Again the chair was up for a raffle for the winner to have until the next Christmas Party. The room looked great. Kevin Fox won the voted on award for who spent the most on their Jeep this last year. Doug Ramsey getting ready for the oven mitt unwrapping the present game. The children even got into the games. Dan White trying to open the present wearing oven mitts. Jerry McGeorge getting into the present with oven mitts on. Billy reading the right-left Night Before Christmas story to mix up the presents.Kevin Heckman was honored for his time and work on the website and emails. Kevin Fox won the chair for 2020.Kevin Fox was the big winner with winning both the trophy for most spent on his Jeep in 2019 and the raffle for the chair.

Moab fun run week

Kevin Heckman spent a week in Moab and invited the club to join.   People joined off and on all week for a wonderful week.   He couldn’t have asked for better weather or company. The Saturday fun run had 4 rigs join on Poison Spider.   The first night there was a wonderful evening up Chicken Corners and spending sunset on Hurrah Pass. Running up into the La Sal Mountain there were a few fall colors left. Dead Horse Point State Park was a good short morning run with Kent Mallalieu. Patricia Kelly had never been to Moab before so they started out on some easy trails such as the 27 water crossings in 8 miles on Onion Creek.  Views from Polar Mesa were impressive. More from Polar Mesa. Old uranium mines were scattered everywhere on Polar Mesa. Dinosaur prints in the La Sal Mountains. Patricia had to try her hand at a harder trail so they hit Fins N Things.Dave Longenette made it up Kenny’s Climb on Fins N Things.