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Choke Cherry Run, Farmington, New Mexico

Choke Cherry Run

Farmington, New Mexico

May 18, 2013

Seven vehicles with twelve happy jeepers had a wonderful day playing on the rocks.

The weather was perfect and it was a great spring outing for all: Kevin Fox (who was a big help in taking us to the points of interest, aka Obstacles!); Gunther Hektor (event organizer) and wife Marci; Scott Click (on his Birthday!), wife Kim and son Curtis;

Chad Beal; Paul Wilson and wife Julie; Karen Dussaman and Scott’s guest, Ken Skelly and friend Doug.

We met at the staging area for airing down at 10:00a.m. and in about 15 minutes we were ready to roll. The area was unmarked as far as where to turn off the main Power Line Road and Kevin knew right where to take us for some fun.

Everyone did great on the trail

and some enjoyed the extra climbing.

Traveled along the upper rim of Skinny Canyon.

This included an extra bypass to the main trail.

Then we did the Anazazi Refrigerator Trail.

At 12:30 p.m. everyone was ready for lunch break, as we had worked up an appetite playing hard.

Next stop was at Photo Rock, yes, for a photo opt.

After this, many of the group felt it was time to head home so Kevin took them to the Graffiti Bowl before they left. Two jeeps (Chad and Gunther )had decided to have some more fun and made their way to the Intimidator. The climb up went well, but the last obstacle was undoable without a little help from the winch.

The day was great fun and every one went home happy!


Creepers Toy/Shelter run ’12

Creepers Toy/Shelter run ’12

Club vice president Chis Stacey presenting the donation check for Project Merry Christmas.  Lots of toys were also collected for the kids.

The Gang at Annie’s Orphans, we also stopped with donations at the LaPlata Humane Society but someone forgot to get a picture.

Elwood Pass Camping and Work Day

Elwood Pass Camping and Work Day

Camp was down a forest road that branched off of Park Creek road on the other side of Wolf Creek Pass.

A whole bunch of Creepers were involved in the digging for the sign. Glen Hood kindly gave up the chance to wheel so he could bring his truck up to haul all the concrete, a wheelbarrow and the sign to the upper trail-head.

After the workday we headed up a side road some of the folks found on the map, nice little lake and some spectacular views.


Creeper Jeepers Blanca Workdays 2012

Creeper Jeepers Blanca Workdays 2012

The Creepers did 2 trips over to Blanca this year. one in late July to resupply the Rocky Mountain Field Institute in support of their trail work on the high mountain footpaths.  We loaded up their gear and had an uneventful trip up the trail.  After unloading we headed up to Blue Lake at the top for lunch and a bit of fishing.  On the way down there was a bit of excitement on Jaws one but all got down safe.

Trip number two was to bring down RMFI and do a bit of work.  We had a very quick trip up, 2.5 hours from camp to the lake so we headed over to the right side of the lake to inspect work done several years ago. 

Oh yea, we also got a check.

Once we got over ther we found ATV tracks through all our hard work.

We drug some more logs to block access and dug a trench to drain the mud pit. We then moved over to the other side of the lake after a bit of lunch.

More log dragging to block off an illegal ATV trail that went right by signs prohibiting travel, then up over Jaws 4 to load up the RMFI gear.

After loading up we had an uneventful trip down, on the way we drove spikes every half mile in preperation for putting in mile posts next year.  Enjoy the slide show of trip 2.



Creeper Jeepers Black Bear Work Day 2012

Creeper Jeepers Black Bear Workday 2012

The Creepers did another workday on the 21st of July.  20+ members brought up 9 fiber rolls and 3 bundles of stakes to put in the cut.  The fiber rolls slow water flow and help hold soil allowing native grasses to take hold.

We’re really seeing results and in a few more years this should start looking really good.   Enjoy a slideshow of our trip, after the work most of the crew went on over the pass then headed up Imogene Pass into Ouray then back to Durango.