Blanca Peak Work Days ’14

Blanca Peak Work Days ’14


We had a good turnout for our work day.  On Friday Chris Stacey, Roger and Kyle Sterling and Dave Shannon headed out to nail down parking and camping at the bottom.   Saturday Scott, Kim and Curtis Click, Jesse and Jessi James and Bill Murray joined us.   Dog support was provided by Teton, Sweat Pea, Annie and Dylan

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After getting the Jeeps loaded with camping gear we headed up the trail, Jaws 1 has a new line, after Chris took it the rest of us took the old line.

The first issue was a rock slide just above Jaws 2

Some work on Saturday moving rocks from the high side to the low side resulted in a safer passage.

Next up was a mud bog

Small to medium rocks were tossed down from a scree field above the pit while Dave’s TJ was pressed into service as a truck to haul bigger rocks.

The finished product, from a pit that required very high clearance and lockers to get out of to a safe/easy path.

The slide that we were informed about via email by a member of the Rising Sun club was pretty much a non-issue.  On Friday Chris drove right over it without realizing that it was a recent slide, the little guy (on 35″s) caught it and we spent a bit of Saturday working on moving rocks from the high side to level it out a bit.  The work went so quickly that we didn’t even bother to snap a pic of it.

Up top the flat area on the back side of the lake looked good,

Sadly after most of us left some dirtbags on ATVs decided to drive through it.

After the work day most of us went up to Blue Lake at the end of the trail.

Jaws 4 was tough and wet this year.

After coming back down to Clear Lake we visited with the folks who camped there then headed back down to our trucks/campers.  A bear had been bothering campers in the area and signs were all over warning people to take precautions.  It walked part way down with us and didn’t seem to be at all bothered by Jeeps invading his/her space.