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Elwood Pass Trail Clean-up and Color Run

Elwood Pass is one of our adopted trails as well as a great trail for beautiful fall colors! On Saturday, October 9, 2021, we had six Jeeps join us for this trail with Tom as our leader. We stopped at the Elwood cabin and went up to the waterfall. Along the trail was a huge tub full of trash. It was over the steep embankment which required John to tie a rope around himself and be lowered down to the trash and then hauling the trash back up. There were 45 pounds of trash collected and hauled out. As we headed on up the trail, we came to a big tree that had recently fallen across the trail, completely blocking it. Chris had his trusty cordless chain saw with him and he made short work of cutting the tree in half so that it could be moved off of the trail. Assessment was made of a huge pit hole in the middle of the trail. It is large enough to swallow a Jeep! It is too late in the year to organize everything it will take to make the necessary repairs, so we will be making plans over the winter to repair the road and fill in the pit next summer.

We had a great day and enjoyable trip!