Alpine Loop July 20th

We picked a great day to do the Alpine Loop, Cinnamon Pass just opened a couple days earlier.  We had 23 rigs join us for a long day as the normal way to Animas Forks from Silverton was still closed so we had to go over Hurricane and California Passes to even start the day.  Once we hit Engineer Pass the avalanche destruction was evident at every turn. There were spots where the debris and snow was over 100 feet deep over Henson Creek still.  Once we got to Lake City for a late lunch we were expecting no lines, we were wrong as it was raining and all the motorcycle and side by side traffic was hanging out at the restaurants.  We had to stop and take a ton of photos at Cinnamon Pass and we made it into Silverton just before sunset. CJG taking over a very deep snowpacked Hurricane Pass. We had all of the switchbacks on Engineer Pass covered as well. The wildflowers were starting to come out. Deep snow and debris over Henson Creek on Engineer Pass. Rose Lime Kiln  had the top chimney taken off in an avalanche that had been standing since the 1890s. More avalanche debris along Henson Creek. We took up all the switchbacks on Cinnamon Pass also. We had to stop for a group photo along the snow on Cinnamon Pass. Everyone grouped up on Cinnamon Pass. Getting close to sunset on California Pass.  Lake Como was still iced over.