2nd Annual Pam Ramsey Memorial Ladies Run

     The 2nd Annual Pam Ramsey Memorial Ladies Run went flawlessly. We had five Jeeps total, and honored guests Doug Ramsey and Max, his faithful, fluffy companion. Doug brought Pam’s capable Forest Service Green XJ. It was good to see that Jeep out on the trail again.
     We started from the Slickrock Cinema in Moab, and headed out for the chosen trail of the day – Chicken Corners. Lore has it that back in the trail’s beginning, it was a pack train trail. The “Chicken Corner” (singular) was a portion of the trail that was so narrow with a precipitous drop, that only the least “chicken” mule skinner would even attempt it. Today it is sufficiently wide in most spots for two-way traffic. Although it is an “easy” trail, Level 2 by rating, it is still extremely scenic and has a couple of spots that require attention! We had three beginner level ladies driving, including the Trail Leader. The Creeper Jeepers Gang has Members of every level, and the goal of this Run, along with honoring Pam, was to get people who normally ride as passengers, behind the wheel.
     Some of you may already know that Pam and Doug raised sheep, and were very involved in the Fiber Arts. In that vein, during the run we presented the first ever CJG SHEeper Jeeper Award to the person that most embodied Pam’s adventurous spirit, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and all-around getting it done. This year it was Sandra Sunderland.
     Everyone kept the Jeep behind them in sight, and there was no drama to report. Weather was perfect, and the whole crew was supportive. Everyone made it back without a scratch, with only dusty Jeeps and big smiles. Good job Ladies and Gentlemen! As an added bonus, it was long-time esteemed Member Jerry McGeorge’s birthday!
 Lunch at the end of the trail. The SHEeper Jeeper Award went to Sandra Sunderland.Amazing views from the trail.