Donations for Rich Faller & Suzie Rhodes

Suzie Rhodes is a 23 year old woman from Durango, Colorado. She was the passenger in Rich Faller’s (former CJG Club member) jeep rollover accident in Telluride, Colorado on Saturday October 10th. The incident occurred on the switchbacks on Black Bear Pass above Bridal Veil Falls. Rich stopped his jeep, turned it off, put it in gear and set the emergency brake. Rich got out to help spot the jeep following them around the first and very tight switchback. Rich’s jeep started to move and Rich tried to get back in and stop it before it rolled off the road. Rich was thrown from the jeep as it started over the edge. The jeep rolled down the mountainside over several switchbacks ejecting Suzie and the 2 dogs from the vehicle. Suzie was airlifted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction where she underwent multiple surgeries on her spinal cord. She is now in stable condition at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver. Doctor’s are working hard to provide the best possible care and comfort for her at this time. God willing, she will take this and run with it.

This is to raise money to cover her medical expenses affiliated with the accident including surgery, post-operation, therapy, rehabilitation, and cost of living. We are hoping to provide some comfort and financial relief while she works hard toward her recovery. Her doctors have estimated at least 2 years of extensive rehabilitation meaning Suzie will be out of work for the next 2 years on this road to recovery. Because of this, she won’t have any income to support her cost of living including: Rent, Utilities, Medication, Transportation, In-Home Living Assistance, Therapy, and Rehabilitation. The Creeper Jeepers Gang will match all donations up to $500.00 and the funds collected will be given to Rich and Suzie to help support them through this long healing process.

Suzie grew up in Bayfield, CO and is highly involved with the youth in the community and surrounding areas. She has shared her love of volleyball by coaching at both the middle and high school levels, in addition to Club Volleyball. She has an incredible love for the outdoors, including fishing, hunting, hiking, and jeeping, and has shared this with youth, friends, and family. Giving her back the support she has given to so many, will create the opportunity for her to rise up again and be the positive and influential mentor and leader she has proven herself to be.

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