Past presidents

Here is a list of our past Presidents.  We want to thank them for their work along with the boards during their terms.

Chris Stacey 1993-1994
Kevin Fox 1994-1995
Roger Sterling 1995-1996
Corey Daspit 1996-1997
Corey Daspit 1997-1998
Gary Engle 1998
Kevin Fox 1998-1999
Kevin Fox 1999-2000
Dwight Stovall 2000-2001
Glen Hood 2001-2002
Glen Hood 2002-2003
Roger Sterling 2003-2004
Jerry McGeorge 2004-2005
Jerry McGeorge 2005-2006
Keith Cramer 2006-2007
Keith Cramer 2007-2008
Randall Denny 2008-2009
Wendy Klemm 2009-2010
Kevin Heckman 2010-2011
Adrian Watson 2011-2012
Glen Hood 2012-2013
Jerry McGeorge 2014-2015
2015 we changed to calendar year terms
Glen Hood 2015
Kevin Fox 2016
Billy Schultheiss 2017
Billy Schultheiss 2018
Kent Mallalieu 2019
Billy Schulthiess 2020

Please not that Jeeps are not allowed on the Gemini Bridges anymore but at the time of this picture it was an open trail. We adhere to Stay the Trail.