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Adaptive Sports run

The morning started much like previous runs, we met at the Adaptive Sports office and our leader and President Billy Schultheiss started counting all the available seats to make sure we had enough for all. We had 13 CJG members and their rigs offering up approx. 29 seats, with 26 participants we obviously had enough seats. We loaded up and started the journey through town towards Highway 160 and made our way to Hesperus. Once in Hesperus our group aired down and locked hubs and discussed the plans for the day’s trip.

With Billy in the lead we started up La Plata Canyon and went to the now closed Columbus Mine. It was quite a treat for the participants and me. Once we arrived at the mine all 13 rigs got positioned for the return trip and to have lunch from Domino’s pizza which was being special delivered by Wayne & Lisa Vandenberg. Thank you to Wayne & Lisa.

There was a surprise for the Adaptive Sports program waiting inside Billy’s Jeep. Once we had everyone gathered up around the tables of Domino’s pizza’s, Billy presented a large check of $1500.00 that was made by Laurie Beal along with the real. Thank you Laurie.

Needless to say the event coordinator Barrie was quite surprised. The participants got involved with excitement and were very happy to have their pictures taken. The money was from our previous ramp index fund raiser earlier this year.

            After lunch most folks made a tour over to the Columbus closed mine shaft to check out the now closed off shaft that goes straight down. After seeing the mine and the remaining equipment, the group started heading back to the club member’s rigs and loaded up for the trip back to town.

            We had a great day, the weather was beautiful and CJG member’s put many smiles of these folk’s faces. I know I sure had a big smile watching the participants having a good time. I really enjoy hearing Brian talk on the CB radio letting us know what is going on during the trip.

            A very hardy Thank You goes out to all the CJG members who donated their time and their rigs to something very worthwhile.

Another hardy Thank You goes out to Barrie for putting the group of participants together and for allowing us to help all have some fun on such a beautiful day.

            Kevin Fox

Four Corners 4×4 Week

The week after Labor Day is the Four Corners 4×4 Week sponsored by the Cliffhangers out of Farmington.  Our club made their presence known by entering 5 rigs in the 4×4 Auto Show on Friday night. Of course Billy Schultheiss had to show off his trailer on the RTI Flex ramp.  After the 4×4 Show a few members ran into Chokecherry Canyon and did the Garage Trail.  We even had a few members judge the WeRock Grand Nationals in Brown Springs.

 Loren Healy had his Ultra 4 #67 rig on display. Main street had about 4 blocks worth of rigs.  Billy Schultheiss, Chad Beal, and Kevin Heckman had their rigs together at the show. Kevin Fox had his parked across the street from the other CJG members.  Billy had to show off the flex of his camp trailer.  He had quite the crowd gathered to watch it.Billy then turned around and went up the RTI ramp the correct way.

Elwood Pass

Glen Hood will have a full write-up soon.  But was a great weekend camping and day on Elwood Pass trail.   Lined up on Elwood. Lined up on Elwood. Bob Hutson on a steep part of Elwood road. Lunch on Elwood Pass. Our repair from 2017 still looks great. The rock settled a bit but that was expected.  But the road is dry and people have not been going off trail. Looking at the Stunner townsite. Kerr Lake The last house in Stunner.Silver Falls

Mount Blanca Workday

This year the US Forest Service wanted us to bring down the old hunting cabin that was up at Lake Como.  It was in dire shape and a health hazard.  The USFS tore down the cabin and we had to bring town the trash which ended up weighing about 1100 pounds.  The logs were left up there for camper to use as firewood.  We had a very large group of 12 Jeeps. Plus a very special guest, Matt Peterson from FunTreks. They wanted to remap the route for the next edition of their trail guide.  Over all was a great weekend with no breakdowns or major issues even though this is one of the hardest trails in Colorado.  CJG parked at Wolf Creek Pass looks like a Lance Camper commercial.  Driver’s meeting first thing Saturday morning.Headed towards Blanca.The lower road was a little dusty.Chad Beal headed up a steep section.Billy Schultheiss and his trailer making it up Jaws 1Scott Click spotting Matt Peterson with FunTreks making it up Jaws 212 Jeeps made the road pretty busy.It’s a long ways to the bottom.Not much left of the cabin.Chad making his way to the top. Parked at the very top. Blue Lakes at the top.Blue Lakes.Scott Click had a little time for some fishing.Lunch at top.Billy heading down Jaws 1. Hauling the trash out.        Everyone made it to the bottom.         The left over trash from the cabin was left at the bottom for the USFS to haul away.  It was 1100 pounds.

Annual CJG BBQ and Potluck

We had a great turn out of 42 at our annual club BBQ and potluck.  Glen Hood and Morgan Clark grilled 48 burgers and 39 hot dogs for everyone. After we all ate we had our August meeting then after there were games of ladder golf, corn hole, and horse shoes.   The Elks picnic area is always a beautiful place. We almost needed more room. Everyone enjoyed the food. Parking lot was full. Billy let our meeting. Corn Hole Billy and Frank & Sandy Taylor enjoyed some horse shoes.Sandy trying to get a ringer on horse shoes.

Bar D Wrangler Chuckwagon dinner

We decided to change things up for our 3rd Saturday run since the local economy has been down from the 416 Fire.  We attended the Bar D Chuckwagon and helped a local business and had a great meal and show.  We had 33 adults and 3 children attend.  The Bar D even roped off part of their parking lot for us to park and show off our Jeeps.  There has been a couple comments we need to make this an annual event.

Poughkeepsie Gulch

It was a wonderful day in the San Juan’s even though it has been dry.  We started at Eureka and headed up past Animas Forks up to Mineral Point and then up Poughkeesie Gulch.  We ended the day in Alaska Basin before the rain set in.   Billy Schultheiss spotting a random Jeeper up “The Wall” Morgan Clark making “The Wall” look easy. Kevin Heckman and Jesse James discussing the proper line on “The Wall.” Everyone watching the Jeeps and Toyotas going up “The Wall.” Lunch at “The Wall”  Lake Como is always a beautiful sight. Driving into Alaska Basin. Watching the action below at “The Wall” from Alaska Basin. Everyone enjoying the view from Alaska Basin. Watching the action below at “The Wall” from Alaska Basin.Headed down Hurricane Pass into Silverton.


The CJG decided to do something different and do a night run in Chokecherry Canyon in Farmington, NM.  We ended up with 19 rigs on a beautiful night with almost a full moon.  We ran the Anasazi Refrigerator and Gladiator trails.
 Kevin Heckman trying the Gladiator’s Butt Crack. Morgan Clark dropping into a canyon on the Gladiator Trail.Group pic. Final stop of the night.Chad Beal getting some air on a climb on Gladiator.


We had our first fundraiser for 2 great organizations this summer.  We had our RTI Ramp out and had people pledge to donate money for every inch we went up the ramp.  This was a great turn out for our club. We ended up raising $2878.00 to give $1439.00 to each Adaptive Sports and Project Merry Christmas.   Getting all set up first thing in the morning. Billy Schultheiss and Chad Beal debuting their competition XJ.  Several Jeeps made it.  Scott Click is showing off and backing up the RTI Ramp. Bucky Knipp seeing how far his YJ can go. Bucky testing out the other side. Kevin Heckman giving it a go. And Kevin also had to test out the other side. We had our banner and flags out for the event.Chad and Kevin try to get a crowd to come over.